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The global educational frameworks are evolving and the area of the cultural exchange is expanding. Students around the world are also searching for the most appropriate countries to live in and study at its universities.

The idea behind Ta3rraf platform emerged by a group of members who has acquired great experiences in the educational system in Lebanon including the public and private universities and its educational and research features.

Ta3rraf platform was launched in Istanbul continuing its journey in the education consultation and student services field; it provides Arab and foreign students with educational services that Ta3rraf team has been providing for many years.

Through this website, we introduce a detailed information about Turkish universities to students who are interested in continuing their study in Turkey.

We provide acceptance in the public and private Turkish universities for any academic degree (AA, BA, MA, PHD) at all specializations. In addition, we follow up all the registration stages and provide all the services that the student might need during the study journey in Turkey.


1- Contact with the most important Universities in Istanbul and the rest of the Turkish cities.
2- The ease of registration process via “Ta3rraf platform” through the most advanced technologies that give us the ability to save students’ records, in addition to the ability to communicate with them 24/7.
3- Experienced educational consultants that are ready 24/7 to communicate with interested students.
4- The Values that make us able to expand our educational and consultation services to new locations after the success we made in Lebanon.
5- The close relationships we are working to make with interested students, which starts with the registration process and continues to provide internships and workshops in the diverse specializations.



After five years of working in the educational field in Lebanon, Ta3rraf team has chosen Istanbul as the second stop to provide its services to interested students. Our motto is the “The Best Educational Services and Consultations” to academic students and “clear and complete vision” regarding the academic choices in Istanbul, and all of what is related to completing study in this beautiful city.

Our most important advantages

The most important advantage that Ta3rraf has is the free service. Our platform does not charge students any fees for the all the stages of the registration process in the university.

The long experience in the academic consultation field in addition to the fast and continues communication with the students.

We provide significant discounts for most of the specialties which reaches sometimes 70% of the tuition fees. The discount percentage varies depending on the specialization and the academic degree.

We take care of the student affairs from the first moment they arrive in Turkey till the moment they graduate from the university. We communicate with students and mentor their study experience in Turkey.