Turkey has a deep-rooted history. The country is located in a strategic location that connects the East and the West. Turkey is surrounded by the sea from three sides and has strategic crossing points like Canakkale and Bosphorus, etc.

Turkey has established good relationship with Western and Eastern countries. The Republic’s government has adopted liberal economic system. Different ethnicities live together; cultural richness is high and assumed as one of the safest countries in its region. Advantages of studying in university are quite a lot. University education which possesses modern style with international validity is provided in Turkey. Instruction languages of universities are English and Turkish. Language training is provided for each admitted candidate and following preparatory classes, transfer to university departments happens.

Our most important advantages

1- High education standards
2- Diploma programs with international validity
3- Student-focused, modern equipped campuses
4- Economic and safe education opportunity
5- Turkish hospitality and amicable relations
6- Quality and easily accessible accommodation, nutrition and transport

Turkish universities having validity in the world offers higher education far above standards with its sense of quality education, successful teaching staff and education system integrated with the World. Thanks to this, students may easily ascens success steps, getting ready for both life and their professions.

Diplomas of the foreign students who study in university in Turkey are the ones which have got validity and, equivalency of which is acknowledged in many counties of Europe, America and the world. As diploma equivalency of each university shows difference, looking at diploma equivalency regulation of the university that the student is considering will ensure you to reach more correct results.

Both state universities and private universities give students opportunities to reach information in the easiest way. They provide education environment in wide, comfortable and full equipped campuses. With libraries, laboratories, student clubs, artistic activity areas and many more student activities, students complete their higher education in modern education campuses.

While Turkey displays exceptionally developed features compared to its region, it draws a very safe country image at the same time. In a very active social life apart from its neighbors, it is possible to study under more affordable conditions in Turkey than Europe and America.

Turkey is a special country that accepts foreigners immediately and presents all kinds of possibilities for their comfort.  Turkish hospitality is a concept having validity in world literature and the sincerity and cordiality is always at highest level.

The most basic requirements of students are offered within the exceptionally developed system in Turkey. A lot of universities render consultancy services to adapt faster to the life in Turkey of foreign students.

Each university has got its dormitories belonging to it and at accessible distances. These dormitories may be private enterprises as well as state dormitories. In addition to staying at dormitory, renting a house is another option for accommodation. It is likely to find apart, rooms or houses only rented for student around university.