Altinbas University

Among the top 100 universities in Turkey, it is one of the universities that sought to moving forward on education since its foundation until today it has become one of the most popular universities for students from all over the world, especially in the field of higher education, and it had a great role in graduating a generation of conscious minds and technical Skilled hands that contributing to the advancement and advancement of society, the University of Alten Bash seeks to increase opportunities for cooperation with leading foreign universities, to increase student exchange opportunities.

Altin Bash University is located in the city of Istanbul on the European side, and it has nine colleges, foremost the medical group colleges that include the specialty of human medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy, and they use the English or Turkish language in teaching.

At the forefront of the Aalten Bash University aims to educate a generation of young people and build great confidence in themselves to be able to interact with society technologically. The university also works to create vital paths around the world by contributing to the development of different levels of society, and forming close relationships with the local and global community to find solutions to the problems facing the community

  • Freedom to search.
  • Freedom in education.
  • Freedom of thought.
  • The principle of participation.
  • Contribute to society.
  • Scientific status.
  • Continuous Improvement.
  • The university continuously develops its curricula to ensure the student gets a high-quality academic education
  • The University do the best to develop job qualifications for its members.
  • Contributes to find modern solutions TO SOLVE SOCIETYS PROBLEMS.
  • It plays a leading role in stimulating scientific, cultural and social interactions.
  • It gives the student a space to innovate and come up with new methods in different fields, as the university raises the slogan of freedom to research, innovate and learn.
  • It adopts the scientific method in teaching, and encourages understanding and thinking instead of indoctrination and memorization.
  • It contains a group of equipped medical, engineering and scientific laboratories that include all technological means
  • Obtaining credits from the European Union and a number of Arab countries.

Aalten Bash University is interested in forming strong relationships between students and university administration, and in continuous dialogue with students to know their needs and meet them. The university also provides various student activities and works to develop them, including the following:

The university provides various gyms.

  • The university includes a large and comprehensive library.
  • The University do competitions to Engineering faculty students to present their projects to choose the best ones to receive promotional rewards.
  • The University prepares weekly seminars for senior specialists and experts in administrative and economic disciplines to talk about the latest economic developments worldwide and the latest developments in international relations as well.
  • The university prepares a competition for preparing short films and organizes a short film festival for students to show the films they participate in.

Expenses are estimated annually between 3600 and 5850 dollars with the availability of single, double and triple rooms. The increase in the case of benefiting from the food service is estimated at between 750 to 2000 dollars approximately.

Important note: Expenses for studying English, as a preparatory year before studying major, are determined based on the specialization to which major is registered. For example: If the student is registered to study the specialization of human medicine and the expenses of studying specialization are 25 thousand dollars, then the expenses for studying the preparatory year for the study of the English language will also be 25 thousand dollars.

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