Istanbul University of Behçaşehir

Founded in 1998, it is one of the branches of the Behçeşehir International Foundation which has many branches in several countries including the United States, Germany, China, Italy and Canada, and the university includes a large number of international students from different parts of the world, and the university has raised since its founding the slogan (World University in the heart of Istanbul and the meeting of the two continents).

Behçeşehir University is distinguished for having professors and students exchange programs with many universities around the world. The university also received the United Nations Award for Higher Education in recognition of its efforts in the field of higher education and its cooperation with the labor market in graduating students with professional experience, which is one of the first Turkish universities that A cooperation project has been implemented between the university and the labor market that provides the student with an opportunity to experience a real practical life experience during the university years of study.

The university uses both English and Turkish languages to teach various disciplines, and provides a preparatory year for language study. On the other hand, students of Beşikşehir University Istanbul can study summer study programs in any branch of the Beşikşehir Universities group.

The university includes 9 colleges, two vocational schools, and 4 postgraduate degree institutes, and it has 6 campuses in Istanbul, which hosts more than 18 thousand students at the undergraduate level, and about 6500 students in the stages of studies.

The university includes more than 1250 academics and 601 administrative staff, and has cooperation agreements with 193 universities from 36 different countries, and there are more than 100 educational programs at the university, and the university has a library on an area of 11,400 square meters, which includes more than 250,000 books and magazines, in addition to documents The University provides its students with a variety of entertainment including excursions, sporting, creative and artistic activities.

The university strives to continuously improve the quality of education, research and development processes, and contributes to developing innovative solutions to the problems facing society, as the university strives to graduate the creators who can take pioneering and innovative initiatives and works that will work on social promotion, and has set for that many goals:

  • Carry out research and development activities aimed at producing, protecting, and disseminating information and studies that contribute to raising living standards in society.
  • Improving the quality of education, research and development.
  • Give students the opportunity to shape their educational and life experiences.
  • Providing assistance to graduate students through an office that provides training courses and seminars for graduates.

The university adopts the strongest programs on the practical and theoretical levels, which are programs designed specifically to meet the needs of companies, factories and different sectors of the labor market. It also equips a strong technical infrastructure to facilitate the educational process and raise the level of educational quality. The university includes specialized laboratories for medical specialties and other engineering specialties, and various workshops.

Through this project, Bahçeşehir University has enabled the student to take the opportunity of completing studies at many universities that are linked to the cooperation agreement with Behçeşehir University in the United States and Europe, and the universities affiliated to the Behçeşehir International Foundation

  • For students who wish to register in the aviation specialization: The costs of practical training on aviation are 54 thousand euros, which are paid in installments over 13,500 euros annually.
  • Students in the health sciences and educational sciences programs get an additional discount for English Language Preparatory study, where tuition fees are $ 5,530 annually instead of $ 7,900

The university provides a large number of services in student housing, the most prominent is the presence of individual and group rooms and private housing, and the cost in collective housing ranges between 450 to 700 dollars while the cost of private housing ranges between 500 to 1000 dollars with gas, electricity, water and free internet within the cost of housing with the availability of services Food, transportation, health insurance and a large number of recreational activities.

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