Founded in 2008 by the Beykouz School of vocational Logistics with a proud history in the field of vocational education, Baykoz University was established with the aim of training individuals in the logistics and human resources sector, to be an ideal university in applying international standards for higher education.

Beykoz has a modern and developed campus of about 100 acres, and is located in Beykoz, which is one of the oldest and most beautiful neighborhoods of Istanbul, and includes College of Engineering and Architecture, the College of Management and Administrative Sciences, the College of Arts and Design, and the College of Social Sciences. In addition to the civil aviation school, the foreign language school, and the Beykoz vocational logistics school.

  • Research and information production
  • Academic independence, freedom and responsibility.
  • Participation, creativity and innovation.
  • Respect for human rights, freedoms, pluralism and diversity.
  • Social Responsibility
  • Working on conducting advanced research and solving various societal problems.
  • Designing and implementing multidisciplinary creative and innovative applications.
  • Create self-confidence among students and the need for free thinking.
  • Apply various elements of quality and excellence.
  • Developing awareness of social responsibility among students and academics

The university uses the English language as the primary language for study, and the university includes a distinguished group of academics from different nationalities and destinations, it also includes the latest classrooms and laboratories, organizing various scientific competitions, and supports students in conducting scientific research and disseminating their results widely, as well as training graduates in the world of Business and modern society, Beykoz University attaches great importance to applied science, and training students in different sectors to keep pace with the rapid development in the business world.

Beykoz University includes a language school for those who want to learn Turkish or English before start studying their major, and includes a huge library, and seeks to support the activities of education and scientific research through more than 196,000 publications in many areas of technical, educational, legal, literary, health and technology.

Beykoz University expands its international relations with other institutions and universities, and the university is also a member of the Erasmus Student Exchange Program, which gives students opportunities to study and practice in many European universities.

  • Applied Research and Distance Education Center.
  • Logistics Research and Applications Center.
  • Semiotics Science Research Center (signs)