Bilkent University

Founded by Mr. Ihsan Dogramachi, the university was the result of the collaboration of the Ihsan Dogramachi Foundation for Education with the Ihsan Dogramachi Foundation for Science and Research and the Ihsan Dogramachi Foundation for Health, and these institutions have contributed to build up many other institutions for higher education. The name “Bilkent” also expresses the founder’s goal, because it stands for “bilim kenti” which in Turkish means “the city of science and knowledge.” The university has about 13,000 students, among them a large number of international students studying various disciplines in 9 colleges and vocational schools.

It includes faculty members from about 40 different countries, most of them are professors of North American universities and Europe, and the university is characterized by good communication between faculty and students, as each university student has the opportunity to discuss with professors, and ask questions due to a reasonable fit between the number of faculty members and the number of students In every classroom.

Bilkent University has participated in collaborative projects and exchange programs with many universities abroad from countries such as Australia, Japan, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States of America.

The university has an employment center that helps students gain the skills necessary to compete in the labor market after graduation. The university also has a computer center, which provides comprehensive computing services to meet all the requirements of the university’s administrative, educational and research. The university includes many advanced labs and scientific research laboratories equipped with more than 4000 devices Computer, and the university has a center for graduates, aimed to communicate with graduates from inside and outside Turkey and to enhance their relations with the university.

Bilkent University is one of the most superior universities in the world in terms of the number and quality of scientific publications in the field of science and technology, as the university recorded the largest number of scientific articles prepared by faculty and researchers at the university, and was offered to readers and researchers around the world for free via the Internet.