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The university was established to contribute in the academic and practical life circles through theoretical and applied scientific studies, and by applying the principles of thinking and working in a scientific way and the university seeks to further cooperation with many universities around the world, and it includes more than 6.000 students in different disciplines in 6 colleges, the most notably colleges is The medical specializations that the university is distinguished with , in addition to one vocational school for health services, it is worth noting that the name of the university is inspired by the name of the great scientist Abu Al-Rayhan Al-Biruni, who is famous for his knowledge and his contribution in many fields, especially in medicine and pharmacy, In addition to his contribution to many other sciences

Al Biruni University strives to provide education And world-class services that produces information and knowledge in every field of health, and is based on developing students applied skills, and respecting societal values through continued progress and growth at all practical and theoretical levels, to equip young people with knowledge and methods to deal with global development and technology , While respecting ethical values, to graduate researchers who are qualified to advance society.

At the forefront of the goals of Al Biruni University is to have an effective and major role in the field of medicine and its multiple branches, and to train researchers to conduct research on various health problems with a focus on research and development in the field of health and contribute to the production.

The university is concerned with strengthening the infrastructure and adhering to a system of fair performance evaluation, which encourages faculty members to develop themselves. The university is interested in bringing students who are scientifically superior, supports them, uses them, and provides them with important knowledge about the cultures of different peoples, and gain the greatest amount of experiences through student exchange programs.

The University provides effective services that contribute to the development and advancement of society in the fields of education, health and culture. It has an experienced and highly qualified faculty staff that prepares advanced, comprehensive and diverse study programs that make the student acquire a culture of research and exploring individual talents.

To provide students with a lot of international opportunities by developing cooperation with the leading international health institutions in the field of education as well as having advanced technological hospitals, it is a university specialized in health sciences,it has all the elements of research in all health fields ; it includes science and research laboratories equipped with the latest technology With one of the comprehensive libraries of all references and multidisciplinary books.

The university is committed to making changes and modern developments in science and technology in the health field in the educational and training stages, and it has a recruitment center, which aims to help students and graduates in planning their academic and professional goals.

The university provides many cultural, artistic and sports activities for students, faculty and administrators to contributing to the development of their personalities.

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