Equalizing the University degree


According to decree No. 2547 of the Turkish Ministry of Education, the university degree the student holds, which was issued by non-Turkish universities, and for all education levels (bachelor, masters, doctorate), should be equalized. This enables the degree holder to work regularly based on the major they studied within the Turkish territory.

Degree equalization steps

Ta3rraf platform gives you detailed information about the degree equalization steps and procedures, as follows
  1. Filling in an equalization form with valid personal information and contact numbers. (click on this link to navigate to the equalization form)
  2. Sending scanned photos of the documents to the e-mail address:……………………………………………………….. Or WhatsApp on: ………………………………… The degree and documents will be checked by us.
  3. After revising the documents you sent to our e-mail address, we will contact you and ask you to provide us with the original copies of all documents with an official power of attorney by the applicant for our employee who will handle all degree equalization procedures.

Then, the staff at Ta3rraf platform follow all the steps for degree equalization, in addition to having the documents translated and authorized and issuing all work-related documents. This is all done with total care and accuracy to preserve all students’ documents and prevent any loss. The assigned staff member will send the documents to the Ministry of Higher Education in Ankara and follow them personally until they are issued to make sure they proceed. After that, we deliver them to the student by hand or via e-mail.


Necessary documents


  1. Photocopy of the passport (or photocopy of the kimlik).
  2. Degree equalization application signed by the applicant or their mandate.
  3. If the student finished secondary school in Turkey, they should provide:
    • Original copy of the Secondary School Certificate.
    • OR a notarized copy of the certificate authenticated by the school from which it was issued.

finished secondary school outside Turkey?

If the student finished secondary school outside Turkey, they should provide the following
  1. Equalization of the original secondary school certificate.
  2. OR a copy of the certificate, authorized by a Turkish notary.
  3. The original copy of the degree the student wishes to equalize.
  4. Translation of the degree the student wishes to equalize, authorized by a Turkish notary.
  5. Original, detailed transcript of records that shows the hours passed by the graduate.
  6. Translation of the transcript of records, also authorized by the notary.
  7. In case a student has passed a number of subjects outside the university that issued the degree, they have to provide a grade transcript of records for those subjects.
  8. Translated copy of the grade transcript for the subjects they have passed outside the university, authorized by the notary.
  9. Students who have graduated outside of their home countries should provide a photocopy of their passports, showing the entry and exit stamps for the whole study period. It also has to be authorized by the notary.
  10. Students who have graduated outside of their home countries should submit documents as a proof of their residency in the countries in which they graduated (if applicable).
  11. Subject description containing all subjects the graduate has studied at the university (if applicable).
  12. The graduate who wishes to submit an application for getting acknowledgement for their diploma, bachelor or post-graduate degree should attach one of the following documents:
    1. For people who wish to work in Turkey, a document as a proof of their application to the institutions and organizations for which they wish to work.
    2. Or a document which proves that they have applied for Turkish citizenship.
    3. A permit for those working or will be working as teaching staff in the Turkish government.
    4. Or documenting the persons who will be working on research and development projects, executed or supported by public institutions and organizations and higher-education institutions, or international programs coordinated by the aforementioned institutions and organizations, or projects executed within the EU programs.
    5. Ta3rraf platform offers a great assistance for getting those documents.
  13. Photocopies of all documents submitted for equalization.