Işık University

In 1996 Aishk University was founded by the Fayez Schools Association, which is one of the oldest educational institutions in Turkey, and the university has two campuses in a charming natural environment near the the modern city life, and the student finds in the university all modern facilities and everything that enhances the university life for students to become successful in their professional and personal lives.

Ishik University has 5 colleges, two institutes for postgraduate studies, and two vocational schools. The university has proven its presence in the scientific and educational field among Turkish universities strongly in recent times, and today it attracts a large number of students from different countries around the world annually in various engineering, administrative and technical specialties.

Students who want to study and master the language before starting their specialization can enroll in the School of Foreign Languages of the University of Ishik, which is a world-renowned school of high quality in teaching and in organizing the course and the proficiency of teachers.

The university aims to enlighten society through science, technology, art, engineering and mathematics, and it works to rehabilitate and train students to face life challenges, and aims to establish relationships with international universities in order to give its students opportunities to participate in student exchange. Among the advantages of studying at Ishik University is:

  • Educational quality through international academic quality standards that include updating and developing educational curricula.
  • The university adopts English as the primary language of study.
  • Advanced scientific research, which was Ishq University characterized by.
  • The comprehensive library at the university, which is one of the most important tools to support scientific research as it contains hundreds of printed books and thousands of electronic books.

ishik University excels in the form of the various scientific activities that are conducted to produce discoveries and real knowledge working to meet the needs of society at the present time by taking advantage of the latest technologies and achieving scientific results, and the university follows the scientific method based on exchanging discoveries and evidence with others by publishing them in magazines And presented in scientific conferences.

Ishik University provides its students with a unique experience of academic life on the global campus in all its specifications, and provides them with opportunities to participate in different sports, as the university has a number of sports centers and recreational and cultural centers.

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