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One of the best Turkish universities that receive students from all over the world, it was founded by the Anatolia Foundation for Education and Culture, and it is one of the universities that occupies a distinguished global position, due to its significant contribution in the field of science and technology, which made it to the top of the universities recognized by the European Union, As well as in a number of Arab countries such as Egypt, Iraq and Jordan, Aiden University has made the distinction agoal to provide education and training in order to graduate professional competencies that keep pace with contemporary changes and developments in various disciplines.

  • To be an institution serving the community through education and the provision of basic and applied multidisciplinary research.
  • Efficiency in scientific research, in order to convert information into products that contribute the development of society.
  • Providing the required technology infrastructure for education, training and research.
  • Creating national and international cooperation with academic institutions, companies and institutions in various sectors.
  • To become a center of attraction in the national and international arenas of students and academics.
  • Istanbul Aiden University also aims to be among the 5 best universities in Turkey and the best 500 universities worldwide
  • About 39,000 students, including nearly 4,000 international students.
  • There are 1500 faculty members at the university.
  • The employment rate of university graduates reached 83.6%.
  • Cooperates with 450 international universities.
  • 63 bachelors degree programs, 74 master’s degree programs, 17 doctoral programs.
  • 11 colleges and 3 vocational schools
  • 30 scientific research centers and 21 medical science laboratories, which have one of the most important technology laboratories in Turkey.
  • About 56 student clubs.
  • Aiden University owns the College of Dental Hospital and the Oral Health Center

Aydin University’s distinguished campus is located in the heart of Istanbul, and includes a number of engineering and health laboratories equipped with the latest technology, as well as art studios and a large library containing a wide range of electronic and paper materials.

As for the level of educational cadres, Aiden University has a group of experienced and well-known educational cadres inTurkey and the whole world in its various scientific programs in order to achieve high efficiency for students with the opportunity of training while studying in many industrial companies, which supports students later after graduation And they are able to make professional planning with the help of the free professional planning service, and the University of Eden offers many opportunities for external study at partner universities.

  • Civil Engineering Laboratories.
  • Aziz Sankar Technology Center.
  • Food Analysis Lab.
  • Africa Center for Applications and Research.
  • Istanbul Dental Research Center at Istanbul Aiden University.
  • Astronomy Center.
  • Career Development Center.

istanbul Aiden University adopts very advanced policies in education and research in order to support progress and development at the national and international levels in order to reach higher ranks in the world rankings through:

  • Develop the scientific research methods.
  • Providing material and development opportunities.
  • Continuously improving and developing education processes.
  • Create an innovative research and development environment in which faculty and students can follow contemporary developments and support scientific and technical studies.
  • Converting the scientific value into an economic value.

Important note:

  • The university usually requires registered students to pay a $ 100 non-refundable cost, which is the counterpart of the online registration for each student’s application for all specializations except for dental and human medicine specialties. The cost of electronic registration with them is $ 250.
  • As for the medical specialty in the field of orthodontics, the cost of the entire program will be 11 thousand dollars, and the student must have met the conditions for submission by providing a certificate of Tomer in the Turkish language at the fifth level.
  • Students wishing to join the university’s bachelor’s degree in human medicine and dentistry specializations must pass the YOS university’s exam and pass the admission to specialization as the study of these two specialties is in the Turkish language 100%.
  • Tuition fees are paid by undergraduate students in four installments throughout the academic year.
  • Postgraduate students: For Masters stage, tuition fees are paid in two installments throughout the school year. For the PhD stage, tuition fees are paid in four installments throughout the school year.
  • Two-year diploma stage: Tuition fees are paid in two installments throughout the school year.

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