Istanbul Gelişim University

The university, which was founded by the Gelishim Foundation for Education, Culture, Health and Social Services, is located at the European side of Istanbul near Ataturk Airport, and it is considered one of the best Turkish universities, and it includes about 31,000 local and international students in various stages where the university offers about 57 programs for the undergraduate stage of Within 3 colleges, 3 graduate institutes and 4 schools of different specializations with a two-year system, two vocational schools, 27 master’s degree programs and 6 doctoral programs.

Gillisheim University aspires to be one of the global universities that add value to society at all levels. It also aims to evolve in order to graduate generations capable of keeping pace with technical development and solving problems that face human and society through the implementation of advanced education and research activities and respect for ethics of scientific research and Contribution in development at all social, cultural and economic levels.

  • Improving students ’achievement of academic subjects through educational training.
  • Providing educational services according to national and international quality standards.
  • Providing services to society effectively at all levels .
  • Implementing continuous development activities in all field .
  • Environmental awareness and rationalization of resource consumption
  • Practical and applied practice in laboratories and workshops.

it has committed to providing advanced curricula and using modern methods of teaching, which is what qualified it to be accredited by many German, British and American accreditation organizations. The university cooperates with more than 100 international universities, and works to exchange cadres and expertise to reach the global level in teaching and training while encouraging students to acquire Work experience through educational and training opportunities in many sectors in which students are trained, and the university also provides to students an opportunity to explore different ways of learning, through technology laboratories and the university uses English as the primary language with its Education curriculum .

  • Oral and Dental Health Laboratory.
  • Anesthesia Technologies Laboratory.
  • Anatomy Lab.
  • Laboratory of Nutrition and Food Science.
  • Computer lab.
  • Occupational Therapy Laboratory.
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering Lab.
  • Nursing lab.
  • Civil Engineering Laboratory.
  • Aircraft Systems Laboratory.
  • Structural / Mechanical Aircraft Laboratory
  • Drawing workshop.
  • Child Development Drama Workshop.
  • Sewing workshop.
  • Textile workshop.
  • Photography and video workshop.
  • Kitchen art workshop
  • Editing workshop.
  • Advertising workshop.
  • Aircraft Systems Workshop.
  • Aircraft Engine Workshop.
  • Aircraft electronics workshop

The main goal of the center is to improve the competencies of planning and career development of Istanbul Gelishim University students, and prepare them to create clear goals, and overcome their weaknesses. The center also encourages students to follow developments in the field of work at the global and local levels, survey there possible career , and explore how they can add value to Labor market.

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