Istanbul Kultur University

One of the oldest universities in Turkey, and it is one of the best Turkish universities that provide education according to contemporary national values while keeping pace with international standards.The university includes 59 departments and programs in 8 colleges and two vocational schools, in addition, the university provides about 54 master’s programs and 11 doctoral programs, and inside the university there is an extensive library that provides students with printed and electronic references, and has modern classrooms, conference rooms, and advanced laboratories.

Istanbul Coulter University seeks to become a high level university in the national and international education area in scientific research and community service, and by that it provides high-quality education for young people who build the future with its keenness to train intellectual minds and professional technical hands through the development of social, scientific and technical activities and useing Modern technology to serve the community through scientific research.

With modern and evolving features to develop the educational process in it, the plan aims to increase the quality of education, by undertaking educational activities in a contemporary creative way and developing curricula, supporting talented students, and providing all tools to develop their talents and keep increasing the performance in research and development in the fields of entrepreneurship while maintaining Scientific and ethical standards in all research conducted by the university

The university allowed its students to work part-time in the different departments and units within the university in jobs that are compatible with their interests and abilities so that they have an opportunity to develop their personalities and skills with a view to obtaining great professional experience that contributes to graduating people who are able to experience successful practical experiences and the university has a sophisticated center to qualify students and provide them with the necessary expertise In practical life by providing the following services to students:

  • Professional advices.
  • Tips for preparing a good CV.
  • Learn interpersonal skills.
  • Job search skills.
  • Seminars to showcase career progression skills

Organizing workshops to open dialogue between students and owners of companies and various institutions

Participation in student clubs is an integral part of student life at Istanbul Kultur University. Where the student finds the appropriate activity within the social, cultural and artistic activities

Large services provided by Kultur University for students in its student residence with the availability of bilateral, individual and quadruple rooms, expenses are estimated at about 111,000 to 14,700 TL, and may increase slightly for female housing with very large services available from reading, food halls and periodic free cleaning

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