Istanbul Okan University

Among the most recent and most advanced universities in Turkey, it was founded in 1999 by the Okan Foundation for Culture, Education and Sports, to support students to become distinguished graduates in various disciplines, and to strive to prepare future scientists who are able to demonstrate their skills and experience at the theoretical and practical level.

Istanbul Okan University includes 8 colleges that include various specializations in both Turkish and English, and offers about 63 programs for undergraduate students, about 41 masters programs and 13 doctoral programs added to vocational schools and higher institutes in addition to student exchange opportunities offered by the university with 400 different institutions around the world, which is one of the best Turkish universities that have a membership to the International Student Exchange Network.

istanbul Okan University campus is distinguished by:

  • Architectural designs at the highest level of sophistication.
  • Modern classrooms, medical, engineering and technical laboratories, a large library and conference rooms.
  • Fitness center, swimming pool, gymnasium and other recreational facilities

The university’s vision is to become world-class to contribute to the development and reform of society by providing the highest standards of excellence and development in education, so that the graduate student will be fully prepared to enter the modern labor market.

  • Training students to think in an analytical, scientific way.
  • Integrate theoretical education and practical training professionally.
  • Focusing on educational and research activities directed towards meeting the needs of society by making social responsibility and environmental awareness a priority for the university.
  • Transforming information into technology and social benefit.

the curriculum of Istanbul Okan University is based on an effective linking between theory and application, and it has relied on this in a contemporary approach that focuses on studies, tests and directed research, which helps the student to enter the working life from the widest doors, by enabling students to work in companies as part of the study program whish helps students get to know the practical and professional life in a way that improves their applied skills, and the university give an experience certificate to students who have successfully completed practical training in addition to their academic degrees, and from the institutions that Istanbul okan University have partnered with:

  • Turkish Council for Foreign Economic Relations.
  • Information and Communications Technology Authority.
  • Turkish Travel Agencies Association.
  • Turkish Airlines.
  • European Union Research Center.
  • Computer and Application Research Center.
  • Research and Cultural Studies Center.
  • Muhammad Yunus International Center.
  • Confucius Institute.
  • Culinary Arts Center.
  • Learning and Applied Research Center
  • Lifelong Learning Center.
  • Foreign Language Centers

Istanbul Okan University organizes a large number of seminars and conferences at the university with the participation of specialists, in an atmosphere of encouraging students to constantly participate in social, cultural and sports activities, and regular trips to historical sites and tourist areas are organized through the Tourism Club.

Important notes for aviation college students:

For students who wish to register in the professional aviation field, students pay the costs of aviation training in addition to the academic expenses every year, and the expenses of aviation training reach 52 thousand euros, which will be paid over four academic years starting from the second year until the end of the graduation year. Students will also undergo a full medical examination inside Istanbul, first-class medical examination for pilots. The university determines exclusively the hospital name that the student do the medical examination, and the student must do this examination inside the hospital, and on the basis of this medical report, it is determined whether the student is eligible to complete the registration in this major and start studying or not.