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It’s one of the best Turkish University, founded in 2008 According to the needs of the academic world and modern society, and soon it has an advanced scientific research position among international and local universities, and with the participation of fifty prominent personalities with academic experiences, Istanbul Shahir University developed a distinct educational plan that applies all educational quality standards and ensures the use of The latest modern technological means in teaching and conducting scientific research. The university works to renew the educational plan every year according to the modern development in the field of academic education and the needs of the labor market at the local and international levels.

The number of university students is about 9,000 students, studying in about 6 colleges, including 13 undergraduate programs, 12 master’s programs, and 3 doctoral programs. The university provides its majors in both English and Turkish, and also gives its students the opportunity to spend a school year outside the university through International student exchange programs, which in addition to that has obtained a number of confessions in a number of Arab countries.

Istanbul shahir university seeks to reach the top of the academic field at the local and global standard , as it aims to have a role in conducting additional scientific research to improve the society and knowledge exchange through the pursuit of understanding and participation and exchange experiences and competencies, and sharing knowledge gained from scientific research.

Istanbul Shahir University organizes a number of training courses and workshops in its employment center, which provides all professional consultancy services to students. The center also organizes exhibitions and conferences that include agents and representatives of different companies and puts them in front of students in serious discussions and dialogues about the needs of the labor market with the offer of practical training opportunities for students during the school years and job opportunities after their graduation as well.

One of the most important features of Istanbul Shahir University is that it uses information technology on a large scale inside it, where students can safely access all operating systems of the university and obtain the information they need, through the Istanbul Shahir University application, which includes the university map, in addition to the student portal system , which Every student at the shahir Istanbul University can enter it using his account to follow all the new news and notifications inside the university and follow his grades, and share documents. The university also provides safe internet services everywhere inside it.

Student housing expenses at Istanbul Shahir University are estimated at about $ 1,500 per year, which is nine school months. Student housing is known as one of the best student housing in Turkey with integrated facilities that provide permanent comfort, whether in the bedrooms or in the reading halls with the security service 24 hours, frequent cleaning services in addition to entertainment activities.

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