Sabah Al-Din Al-zaeim University

It is one of the best universities in Turkey, and it hosts thousands of students, including hundreds of international students. It includes seven colleges, headed by the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Business Administration and Administrative Sciences, and the College of Health Sciences. These colleges offer about 34 undergraduate programs, 57 master’s programs and 20 doctoral programs.

The university seeks to be an international research university and aspires to be one of the five best universities in Turkey in order to be a leader in the field of scientific research, and to graduate qualified and leaders who maintain societal values, and work to serve the community and its development through science and knowledge.

The university uses the English language as a basic study language, and is distinguished by its advanced academic infrastructure, and includes a comprehensive library of books and encyclopedias in various fields, and includes 33 active student clubs, working to organize many cultural, social and sports activities inside and outside the campus The University of Sabah Al-din Al-zaeim campus contains in Istanbul has many indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

Sabah Al-Din Al-zaeim University is a member of the Erasmus Student Exchange Program, which allows university students to study and train at other European universities that are members of the program.

  • Food and Agricultural Research Center.
  • Istanbul Research Center.
  • The Center for Islamic Studies and International Affairs (CIGA)
    The university also has a group of labs and laboratories that provide students with multiple opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge in various disciplines, and the most important laboratories at the university:

    • Laboratories of the Department of Food Engineering.
    • Chemistry, Physics, and Biology laboratories
    • Computer laboratories in the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences.
    • Nursing laboratories that provide practical training in professional skills for the nursing profession