Istinye University

It’s Among the most recent universities in Turkey, where it was founded in 2015 to be an educational institution producing knowledge, and since the early years it has taken a leading position among universities, it has worked on a modern educational system that keeps pace with economic, cultural, political, scientific and technological developments using the latest technologies in education and research, and has attached great importance To use flexible education methods with the aim of eliminating the gap between academic curricula and work requirements, it has been distinguished in medical specialties by conducting advanced scientific research in this field, while providing specialized scientific training Inside the university’s hospitals which it is associated with three of the largest hospitals in Turkey :
Liv Hospital – Medical Park – VM Medical Park

It is divided into three campuses:

  • Topkapi Campus: With an area of 46,000 square meters, it has a modern technological infrastructure, including: 37 classrooms, 47 laboratories, two conference rooms, a library, a gym, in addition to other sports, social and cultural facilities.
  • Main campus: equipped with the latest technologies, facilities and buildings with advanced architectural design
  • Southern Campus: It includes vocational schools of health services, and includes an indoor sports hall and recreational spaces, a library, a lecture hall, 15 semesters, 8 laboratories, an aircraft technology workshop, and a medical examination room
  • Istinye University aspires to join the global universities with advanced academic level, by contributing to the creation of new knowledge through its advanced performance in education and research and assisting its students in developing their skills in all disciplines.
  • Expanding the scientific research, and putting the results obtained through scientific developments into practice to meet the various needs of society and overcome the problems facing it. contribute for the progress of mankind and play an important role in the social, economic, scientific and technological development of courtesy throughout the world.
  • Providing students with leadership skills, encouraging them to develop critical thinking, and following scientific and technological developments in the world, with the aim of graduat generations of young people who hold human and moral values and leading them to appropriate work environments where they can employ these skills.

The University of Istinye vision is to exchange academic knowledge that it produced locally and internationally, with the aim of benefiting from the different knowledge and experiences of scientists in  Turkey and the world through permanent work in science and knowledge, in order to create a better future for the next generations.

  • By conducting education, research and social services activities in according to the international standards, the university provides its students with advanced knowledge to keep pace with developments in the world of technology and the arts.
  • Contribute to the graduation of productive, qualified individuals and thinkers who are responsible for contributing to social progress
  • Prioritizing human values as a basis for research, planning, education and training.
  • Giving students the freedom to express their ideas, and to give them the skills to participate in social work, work in a team, and the ability to analytic thinking.

Respect for diversity within society and the preservation of ethical values in scientific research.

  • concerted research studies.
  • Exchange of teachers and academics.
  • Develop the student exchange programs.
  • Exchange of academic research data and technical projects.
  • Organizing academic and scientific activities such as conferences and seminars.
  • Publication and cooperation in various cultural activities.

Important note: A transcript of grades  for all high school years must be attached while applying.

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