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Kadir Has University was founded in 1997 by the late engineer Abdelkader who gave his life to science, and his university today is among the 100 best Turkish universities, and among the 3000 best universities at the global level, and it is among the universities recognized by the European Union and a number of Arab countries.

The university has a distinguished campus that combines originality and modernity, as it dates back to the era of the Ottoman Empire, and was recently renewed to become a campus equipped with the latest technology, and it includes about 7 colleges in addition to many vocational and graduate schools.

Facilitating education for today’s youth and overcoming obstacles in front of them, in addition to teaching in an academic way that urges students to think, practice democracy and express opinion, and Qadir Has University aims to create an environment for education, research and discussion at the level of the best universities in the world, where the university teaches various disciplines in a modern and advanced manner It is based on the principle of asking questions and the correct search for answers and solutions. The basic principle of Qadir Has University is to graduate students who have self confidence, accept all points of view and express themselves based on experience, knowledge and knowledge of the latest developments and changes in the world.

  • Partnerships with several British and American universities, to provide many opportunities for students to participate in student exchange programs.
  • Teaching the best modern technical methods based on practical training by distinguished teaching staff coming from the United States of America and Britain.
  • Maintaining international standards for academic quality
  • Provide scholarships to all students who achieve a high grade point average.
  • The university enables students to use the latest advanced technology.
  • It updates the curriculum every year in response to global developments and the needs of students in the technology age.
  • Encourages freedom of expression and creative ideas.
  • Selecting faculty members from international universities and encouraging them to develop their expertise and skills.
  • It opens its doors for international cooperation, to achieve the goal of becoming a global university.
  • The university prepares various workshops for students of technical and administrative specializations.

The center organizes many seminars and training courses to bring students closer to the business world and eliminate the gap between academic and working life by providing students with the necessary knowledge to meet the challenges of finding a suitable job, Career advances and developing creative thinking skills.

The cost of student housing at Kadir Has University ranges between 3500 to 5200 dollars, depending on the type of room, single, twin or triple.

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