Life style in Turkey


Turkish lifestyle is a vivid mosaic, juxtaposing the West and the East, the modern and the ancient. Also life in Turkey is a rich variety of cultures and traditions, some dating back centuries and others or more recent heritage. Any visitor to Turkey will find a great deal that is exotic, and much that is reassuringly familiar. The surprising blend of East and West makes up the Turkish lifestyle.

About Turkey

The mentality of Turkish hospitality is whatever religion you are from, whichever country you come from, whatever language you speak, you are God’s Guest.

Turkey has been home to all three great revealed religions Islam, Judaism and Christianity for centuries. Turkey is also the only Islamic country which is a secular state.

Turkish is spoken by over 200 million people and is the world’s 7th most widely used language, out of over 4000. Some 70 other languages and dialects are also spoken in Turkey.