Midi Paul University

Among the best universities in Europe, the university is located in a place surrounded by a rich cultural heritage where the continents of Asia and Europe meet, and the University of Midi Ball has two campuses in the Kawajik region and the Halic region, which includes spacious halls equipped with the latest audio-visual equipment, tennis and basketball, and recreational areas for student groups , And approximately 50 student clubs, as well as cinema, theater and photography studios.

The Halic Campus is located on the European side of Istanbul, and it includes colleges of human medicine and dentistry, while the Kawajik campus is located on the Asian side of the city, and it includes colleges of pharmacy, health sciences, engineering, social sciences, Literature and arts.

To be a leading university on the global standard  that provides scientific results to benefit science and society, and the university seeks to graduate students who can contribute to the production of science and technology, and who can respond to the constantly changing requirements of society

The university provides an international educational environment for all students, so it uses all modern technological features to serve students and reach the highest level in training and academic education, and for this it adopts an innovative educational model; provides real knowledge specialized in various fields, and the university also provides many scientific laboratories that allow students and academics Multiple opportunities for scientific research, and these laboratories are equipped with advanced technology and high technical infrastructure in line with the needs of interdisciplinary research and development

The university has a large library that contributes to the development of education and student educate and the university includes a number of consulting centers that work to guide students and provide personal and psychological counseling to them in addition to an important center for applied and health research with the latest equipment available.

The university organizes many cultural activities, and it is an important center for holding various sports tournaments, and adopts e-learning programs to provide education for all, as the university has a center for distance education, which coordinates and prepares Certificates and diploma programs using various technological training tools to give distance education courses at the hands of specialists.

MediPole University is famous for its active role in the health fields, as the university has a unique educational complex, which includes hospitals for human medicine and dentistry, and offers university students many opportunities in applied education. Besides other health facilities

  • Istanbul University Medi Pool Hospital Complex:
    1. Intensive Care Units.
    2. Operating rooms equipped with advanced technology.
    3. Equipped emergency room.
    4. A center of genetics.
    5. A center for cardiac operations.
  • Medi-Pol Dental Hospital
  • Preparation laboratories in the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

Istanbul Medi-Ball University provides its students with a distinctive student residence, which includes equipped rooms, quiet study halls, Internet service and places for recreational activities. The residence ranges between 10800 to 24000 TL for men and 9800 to 10800 for girls with single rooms available for men only.

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