Nishan Tashi University

Founded in 2009, to provid the student with strong academic skills that aim to advance him in the professional life, relying on a scientific thinking system, and keep up with global digital technology, the university seeks with its students and the teaching faculty to represent Turkey in the international arenas.

The university has expanded and added many educational programs since its establishment until today, and it now includes three colleges: the College of Engineering and Architecture, the College of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, and the College of Arts and Design. The university also includes Postgraduate institute of social sciences and a school that includes many specializations for the diploma stage, and three other schools.

University of Nishan Tashi is located in the heart of Istanbul, and includes two campuses:

First: Osmanbey Campus: located on Pangaltı Ergenekon Street, Istanbul center. It includes : classrooms, a fashion design studio, computer labs, foreign language laboratories, a beauty center, a drawing workshop and a large and comprehensive library.

The second is the new campus: this campus highlights the speed of the university’s growth and its pace with technology through its largest project, as this campus provides an international university life experience for students, it includes the latest technology in classrooms, laboratories and labs , and includes administrative and academic offices, modern conference rooms, electronic libraries and cafeterias For staff and students open to social activities. In addition, there are exhibitions for the Faculty of Architecture, the College of Art and Design, television and radio studios, and laboratories for the Culinary and Cooking Department.

The university adopts an open educational model for international cooperation, which includes the latest technological developments, supports research and development, focuses on developing innovative products, teaches students the values of entrepreneurship, and the university seeks to train a generation that uses digital technology to respond to the needs of the world of technology and artificial intelligence, so that they can play an important role In the future career.

The university also seeks to assess the innovations and opportunities resultant from the technological revolution and benefit from them in social and business life. By following the project-based education model, which produces knowledge in its various forms with the trend towards integrating life with automation systems and robotic technologies, in order to produce generations that are able to compete strongly in the various current professions and future occupations.

The university adopts contemporary theoretical and applied approaches consistent with international academic quality standards, and therefore it is a civilized university that is considered one of the fastest growing and developing universities in Turkey, and the university has a wide range of academic programs directed towards meeting the needs of the business world, and in this context keen on practical training to gain experience and practical skills, and the university is a member in the Erasmus Student Exchange Organization, and therefore it gives students practical training opportunities at the international level.

The university has an office to coordinate scientific projects, working to help students and researchers ,expand the scope of scientific research, and the university has multiple sports fields and halls for fitness activities, and the university has more than 35 active student clubs that provide many student activities, including: (Research and Development Club, Sports Club, Dance Arts Club, Economy Club, Literary Masterpieces Club, Photography Club, Press Club, Authors Club, Entrepreneur Club, International Students Club, Architecture Club, Culinary Club, Film Club)

Important note: With regard to the expenditures prescribed for undergraduate students and the university tuition system, the student who has received the initial admission and who wishes to complete the final registration process must transfer the first installment specified in the admission letter of $ 1,000 from the prescribed expenses, and when the student arrives at the university headquarters to finish the university registration process, he pays the rest of Tuition fees in one payment until he has completely completed the registration process.

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