Özyeğin University

It’s One of the modern Istanbul universities, whose official established on May 18 of 2007 to contribute to the development of the Turkish and international community as a research university that adopts the modern educational system, and the academic approach compatible with the needs of the labor market in various fields and sectors, and has emerged within a few years as one of the best Turkish universities

Oregon University has a distinct campus accredited by LEED, and holds a (Leadership Certificate in Energy and Environmental Design) which is a large campus with an area of 280,000 square meters, with a modern design that includes all the educational, recreational and sports facilities, that is necessary for the academic development of students, and one of its most important features:

  • Lecture rooms with the latest equipment.
  • Modern classrooms and advanced scientific laboratories.
  • Sports center with a very wide area.
  • A large library with an area of more than 2,600 square meters.

Ozigen University is moving towards a full commitment to develop high-value projects in society, and as one of the largest research universities in Turkey, it is working on conducting research studies in advanced laboratories and laboratories that have been prepared for this purpose with the continuous publication of modern research articles in international journals.

The University of Ozigen has developed an educational plan that suits the needs of the labor market in Turkey and abroad based on a large number of studies prepared in cooperation with businessmen, faculty members, university students and alumni, the university has developed its educational and training curricula based on this plan with annual continuous updates in order to qualify students intellectually and socially And scientifically, and training them in a practical and scientific way through scientific activities based on the interaction between students and faculty members, which encourages students to discover themselves and learn the necessary skills to achieve their goals

The university has a distinguished group of teachers and administrators who strive to help students reach the highest levels of superiority in order to distinguish and achieve aspiration, and the educational staff includes delegates professors from the United States of America and Canada, and Ozigen University alumni praise the strong educational level in various disciplines, and at the theoretical And applied standard.

The University of Ozigen has partnerships with a number of international companies, where it holds international conferences for students during their studies, and students are interviewed during conferences to choses a number of them to undergo practical training that qualifies them for appropriate job opportunities in all disciplines, and from these companies:

  • Turkish company i-Jet Professional Civil Aviation.
  • French company Le Cordon Bleu, which specializes in French culinary arts.
  • Swiss International Hotel chain Swiss.

The Ozgen University has prepared for its students a distinguished student residence that combines modernity and comfort with an atmosphere that helps studying with individual rooms for those who wish and rooms under four people are equipped with great services and the costs range between 1000 and 3000 dollars annually depending on the room and the number of people

Important note: For students wishing to enroll in professional aviation training, please note that there is a separate cost from the basic expenses for each year, which are practical training expenses on aviation, amounting to 54 thousand euros until graduation, and the student will pay it in installments starting from the second academic year.

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