Studying in Turkey

Where to start?


Dear student, learn about Turkey and its education system, which matches its counterpart in Europe, and makes Turkey one of the significant countries for large numbers of students from all over the world.

1- Although Turkey has shown a great attention to education a long time ago, its education system has not stood still, but witnessed a continuous development until it became one of the most advanced education systems in the world.

2- The education sector has developed significantly in the last 20 years to compete with all education sectors in Europe, with a large number of universities, which now compete on a high level of world rankings just after a few years of their establishment.

3- The Turkish government and universities offer a great help for international students, from discounts and scholarships to great discounts on transportation, medical services and accommodations.

You can find, dear student, in the blog a whole article about the advantages of studying in Turkey, which make this country one of the countries that care about all educational aspects and scientific research.

What's right for you?

How to choose the right university


Definitely, choosing the right university is the most important stage. You have to choose the right university from about 200 universities in Turkey.

Here in Ta3rraf, we guide through the right steps to choose your future dream university.
The “choose a university” link gives you the chance to assess the right university online, through entering specific information by which the university is assessed and chosen.

Choosing the right university is not difficult as long as you are being offered consultancy by people specialized in that field.
Choosing a university requires the student to answer several questions in order to set their target.

  1. Location of the university.
  2. Language of the university.
  3. The capabilities of the university and the facilities it offers.
  4. No doubt that the major you want to study in Bachelor or Masters degrees play a huge role in choosing the right university.

In the “Major Universities” section, you can learn about the most prominent universities, their features, ranking, number of registered students and the facilities they offer to students. In addition to the admission and accommodation fees.

Now after you learned about the features of studying in Turkey, formed a complete image about its prominent universities, and managed to choose the correct university, you only have to enter the second and more important stage, filling the registration form. The form is simple and easy to fill and does not require much time. The first step is clicking on (Registration Form).

The Ta3rraf team with contact you as soon as you submit the registration form. You should also know that all registration stages and all consultations are free.

Now after you submitted the registration form, we must say to you:

Thank you for choosing us, and welcome to the Ta3rraf community.
For more information about our student community, visit (Ta3rraf club for Arab students in Turkey).