Turkiye burslari

scholarship program


Turkiye burslari” scholarship program is a Turkish Government Scholarship announced for international students to study undergrad, master and Ph.D. programs in Turkish Universities for free.

Turkey Government opened Turkish Scholarships sponsored by Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Scheme for International Students to study for free in Turkish universities. It is really a great time for international students to avail an opportunity to study for free in Top Ranked Turkish Universities. Turkey has started to allow students from all around to get admission to their universities. Studying in these Turkish universities will help you develop your skills, ideas, knowledge, and insight into the subject that you want to get enrolled in. All these things are really beneficial as one move forward with their career.

The Turkey Government Scholarship applications is open for international students to apply for all course options under undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral degree programs.

Presently, international students who want to get admitted in bachelor, masters or Ph.D. programs and even for short courses, can now apply for Fully Funded Turkey Scholarships. The reason for providing the scholarship is quite obvious, that is Turkey wants to set up a good mutual understanding and relationships with other countries. It is predicted that this educational trip to Turkey is going to fill the international students with new life experience, cultural awareness, and knowledge.

Turkey has also planned for rewarding some of the outstanding students in a different way. They have added a different Turkish Scholarship policy for these students such that they can study at the top universities of the country on a transfer basis if you qualify.

Scholarship Coverage

Turkey Scholarship Coverage for undergrad, master, Ph.D., and short programs

The Turkey Scholarship program also offers its students with a wide range of benefits to attract international talents in Turkish Universities. Some of the key features of the Turkey Government Scholarship programs are listed below:

The accommodation of international students at a Turkish university is handled in the best way covered under the Turkey Scholarships funding. The students are made to live in the respective universities dormitories and are charged zero fees for that. If the student does not want to live in their dorm room, then they are allowed to shift at any of their desired locations. However, in this case, they need to pay for accommodation.

The main focus of the Turkish Scholarship program is to make the students study with their full potential without thinking about the burden of money. Thus, students need not pay any tuition fees. Education is completely free.

Students get their health expenses covered by public health insurance. Taking care of health is really a very big issue if you are not native to the country. But it is not if you are a scholarship granted student in Turkey. Even if you get caught to cold or get sick, you need not spend a single penny from your pocket. Everything will be taken care of by public health insurance.

The Turkey Scholarship program also covers the travel expenses of international students. The students will be getting two free tickets during their studies. One is for their arrival to the country and the other is for their departure from the country after completing their studies. In case the students purchase their tickets on their own then the whole amount will be given back to them.

  1. 700 TL stipend per month
  2. Tuition fee education in any Turkish university
  3. Turkish language course for one year
  4. Health insurance in Turkey
  5. Accommodation in the dormitory of Turkish university
  6. University and program placement
  7. Once off return flight ticket for the student who wins the Turkey Scholarship.
  1. 950 TL for Master’s degree per month and 1400 TL per month for Ph.D. degree.
  2. Your tuition will be free in Turkish universities
  3. Turkish language course for one year
  4. Health insurance in Turkey
  5. Accommodation in Turkish university dormitory
  6. University and program placement
  7. Turkey Scholarship winner also gets a once-off return flight ticket.

Turkey Research Scholarship Program (3 to 10 months):
Turkey Research Scholarship Program 3000 TL monthly stipend
This Turkey Scholarship program does not include accommodation and other amenities.

Success Scholarship Program (1 year):

Monthly Stipend

  1. For Bachelor’s, it’s 440 TL per month;
  2. For Master’s, it’s 595 TL per month
  3. For Ph.D., it’s 885 TL per month.

Turkish Culture and Language Programs:
Academicians and Public Officials Turkish Language Programme [KATİP] (8-10 months)

  • Monthly living allowance for Master’s is 2000 TL.
  • Accommodation will be issued in Turkey University
  • Course for the Turkish language
  • The Turkey Scholarship winner receives a return flight ticket once as well.

This Turkish culture and language scholarship program does not include health insurance.