Private University acceptance


Ta3rraf platform offers many totally free educational services that every student needs to start studying in Turkey.

We provide interested students with the free acceptance from one of the following private Turkish universities:

Registration process

Registration process goes through the following steps
  1. Fill in the registration form (click here to fill the information)
  2. Send the required documents via email or WhatsApp. After we receive the required documents, your application will be given a unique number which will be sent to you to check out the status of your application.
  3. We send your application to be reviewed by a committee and to acquire the acceptance during 72 hours maximum.
  4. After receiving the acceptance, the student should book a ticket to Istanbul city in coordinating with us and with the student mentor. In addition, the student should provide us with a copy of the booking to enable us to pickup him/her from the airport.
  5. We accompany the student to University/School to pay the amount due directly to the University/School.

Important note: Students from some countries needs a visa to enter Turkey.


Turkish baccalaureate certificate accreditation:


Regarding the Turkish baccalaureate certificate accreditation, the students should learn more about the laws in their home country because each country has its own accreditation criteria. in the following some of the criteria terms:

  1. The Turkish school should be certified by the ministry of education at the student’s home country.
  2. The school should be certified by the government of Turkey.
  3. The student should reside in Turkey for more than 6 months.

Our most important advantages

The most important advantage that Ta3rraf has is the free service. Our platform does not charge students any fees for the all the stages of the registration process in the university.

The long experience in the academic consultation field in addition to the fast and continues communication with the students.

We provide significant discounts for most of the specialties which reaches sometimes 70% of the tuition fees. The discount percentage varies depending on the specialization and the academic degree.

We take care of the student affairs from the first moment they arrive in Turkey till the moment they graduate from the university. We communicate with students and mentor their study experience in Turkey.