Üsküdar University

it is one of the most recent universities in Turkey founded in 2011 by the NPISTANBUL Brain group which has a Priority of treatment, mental rehabilitation and mental health field and using magnetic resonance imaging techniques in Turkey, and the university allows its students to work on the latest scientific technologies, and the university provides advanced scientific results that contribute to the development of the field of medicine Nerves at the global level.

The university has an employment center, which aims to support the university students to start their career correctly, the center trains students through specialized training courses, and the main goal of the employment center is to provide professional training, counseling and mentoring services to students.

The university is interested in developing high-quality academic programs for education, training, research and practice, and aims to become one of the most important leading universities globally by adding ideas that contribute to social and economic structuring by providing education and training with European Union standards and global standards so that the university become one of the top 500 universities on Worldwide by 2023.

The university seeks to provide educational and research facilities at the international level, especially in the fields of science and health with scientific activities that participate in providing solutions to societal problems, and the university is one of the research universities producing science that contributes to the improvement and development of society.

  • Conducting scientific and social research in order to acquaint humanity with the social, cultural and historical wealth of Turkey.
  • To become a center of attraction for highly qualified academic members in international academic circles.
  • Implementing the latest methods and techniques in education and training.
  • Providing seminars, conferences and workshops for students in various fields.
  • Supporting student clubs.
  • Partnerships with research groups and institutions in Turkish and European universities with a high academic level.
  • Developing new tools through organizations specially created to provide the community with new inventions and patents produced by the university.

The university relies heavily on the technology it provides to its students in all fields. The university has partnerships with several European universities, in addition to its membership in the Erasmus Student Exchange Organization. It also has large libraries that help students in carrying out their research. The university is distinguished in teaching medical specialties both in the undergraduate or graduate studies.

The cost of student housing at the University of Escudar ranges between 1,000 and 1900 TL per month, with the availability of double, triple, quadruple and five rooms.

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