Yeditepe University

founded in 1996 by the Istanbul Foundation for Education and Culture, the university offers contemporary science. It also aims to educate students and give them the technological skills required in the modern business world. Through advanced academic and training programs, Yedeeh Tabah University offers education compatible with the technology and information age.

It includes about 77 undergraduate programs for Bachelor’s degree students. 82 programs for master’s students and 43 for doctoral students. The university adopts English as the primary language of study.

Graduating creative students who has self-confident to be pioneers who provide benefit to society, through distinguished education at the international level in all scientific fields, and to achieve its goals. The university seeks to be a global institution based on education based on scientific principles that serves the needs of society, in order  to develop educational programs In line with local and international quality standards

  • The university has 367 classrooms, 175 laboratories and 46 workshops.
  • The university includes wide green areas, 4 restaurants and 7 cafeterias. There is also a cinema with 100 seats and a theater with 100 seats.
  • It includes a training studio for film and television students and another for radio training.
  • The university owns sports fields, a number of swimming pools, a fitness center, and many recreational facilities.
  • The university owns a 783 square meter service center that includes a bank and a shopping center.

The university is distinguished by its medical specializations for the undergraduate stage, and there is a specialized dental hospital affiliated with the university that the university trains its students in order to gain practical experience, and in all disciplines the university seeks to train students and provide them with all the skills necessary to achieve success in the modern business world.

Yedeeh Tabah University is an environmentally friendly university, as it uses solar energy through solar panels on the campus roofs. The university also started working on investing wind energy to benefit from it. The university uses various modern technical information technology facilities in teaching and training alongside effective academic activities that allow students to develop themselves. The university has more than 700 cooperation agreements with leading universities in the world, especially in Europe, America and Canada Russia and the Far East

  • Applied Research and Information Systems Center.
  • Dental Education and Medical Research Center.
  • Medicines Research and Applications Center.
  • Ophthalmology Research Center.
  • Stem Cell Center.
  • Entrepreneurship workshop.
  • Training and Research Center and Health Services.
  • Center for Applications and Strategic Research.

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